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“Before Yesterday” Full Version Will be Release Soon ?

Kevin said from his tweet :

is that mean the full version of “BeforeYesterday” will come out soon ?

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. .can’t wait cuz i addict with this song ^^

cuz they sang ballad in this song really different U-Kiss !

original article from: :


U-Kiss Official Homepage Screen Caps

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101008 U-Kiss’s “Shut Up!” MV (Clean version)

cek it 🙂

credit : ukiss2008 @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

101007 U-Kiss’s Comeback – “Before Yesterday” & “Shut Up!” @ Mnet Mcountdown


“Before Yesterday”

“Shut Up!”

credit : 14xrauren @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

101007 U-Kiss’s “Shut Up!” MV is OUT!!!


credit : ukiss2008 @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

101006 U-Kiss’s Sneak Peak & BTS “Shut Up!”

omoooo~ you must see it 8D

credit : wldkfus83 @YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

101004 U-Kiss’s 4th Mini Album – “BREAK TIME” Previews

click here for the previews x) :


or~ u can see the audio teaser for the albums =D

credit : ukissmeSG @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

101004 U-Kiss – Track. 05 ‘Avatar’ (Audio Teaser)


credit : ukissrocket @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

100101 U-Kiss – BREAK TIME MV’s Greeting for Japanese Kiss Me

woooo~ *faints*

credit : Silentmedow @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

“Shut Up”MV making+MV Teaser Release+Comeback Stage list

GOOD NEWS for you Guys. . .

MV teaser will release TODAY ! in the afternoon !! (we’ll post in here A.S.A.P )

and their comeback stage will held on 7th October 2010 @M-net(M-countdown), 8th Oct @KBS(Music Bank), 9 oct @ MBC (Music Core) !

credit: U-kissism + All About U-Kiss Indonesia blog

100930 U-Kiss @ Shooting MV Photo for 4th Mini Album

yoyoyoyoyooo XD

credit + ukissism + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

PURCHASE ! U-Kiss New 4th Mini Album “BREAK TIME” *update with the POSTER*

annyeonghaseyo yorobun. . .

i have some trouble with my connection or something wrong with this blog *i don’t know yet* i can’t post some pictures here. .

actually i want to show u 2 pictures from their new mini album. .so i just can give u the links to see. .

you can click this link to see the pictures. .


DANG!!! edited XD

cover part 2 🙂

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100928 Alexander & Kevin @ The MWave

more update’s ^^

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100929 U-Kiss New Cover for 4th Mini Album “BREAK TIME” + Tracklist

annyoung ^^//… it’s Evie~ mianhae for our long hiatus yoo ;____;…

so~ i’ve some good news for you all 😀

U-Kiss will comeback with 4th Mini Album – “BREAK TIME” on 4th October… hahaha~ can’t wait ><;;

so, this is the new cover + their new tracklist ^^

1. Before yesterday
2. 시끄럿!!
3. Light it up
4. Rock ya’ Body
5. Avatar
6. 시끄럿!! (Inst.)

U-Kiss’ fourth mini-album ‘Break Time’, is currently slated for an October 4th release and will also feature a 50-page photo booklet.

Credits: chungmah + UKISSMEFRANCE + Rocketboxx + Namaste_Ui + AAU (

100915- Pops In Seoul (the boys going crazy)

Hello kissme long time no update here….

Well I found this videos while browsing my lecture today *2PM here now* so I share to you guys

And thanks to all of you who still visited us even we were long hiatus mode now

Thank you soooo muuuch *tears rolling down*

This part 1

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