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U-kiss at Idol Sport Day

Well I found them (pictures) In many source like,,tracktop,etc

Because my time is short so I re-upload some of them (maybe you ever saw this but I just try to update so sorry if you dissapointed)

Idol Sport Day (Credit : as tagged)

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100915- Pops In Seoul (the boys going crazy)

Hello kissme long time no update here….

Well I found this videos while browsing my lecture today *2PM here now* so I share to you guys

And thanks to all of you who still visited us even we were long hiatus mode now

Thank you soooo muuuch *tears rolling down*

This part 1

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Welcome To All About U-kiss Indonesia




This Fanblog “born” at 15 August 2009 as a support for U-kiss and a place where all of Indonesian or Foreign Kissme share anything about them…

You can use english nor Bahasa Indonesia to communicate here…

Sorry if some of you could not understand some pages or posts here….

As you know…most of them are in Bahasa Indonesia since all of us is Indonesian



Dongho and Soohyun got a place in Korea’s Most Handsome Artists Ranking 2010

I read this from Korean Highlight and found that Dongho and Soohyun in the list….

01. Minho- SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast(1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)

10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)

11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. SHINee Key (670)
14. Big Bang TOP (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island511)
17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
18. Jaejoong – TVXQ (257)
19. Junsu – TVXQ (247)
20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
21. MBLAQ Thunder (235)
22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
23. Yoochun – TVXQ (156)
24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
26. Kim Jun – T-Max (141)

27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)

28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)

what do you think guys???

source : BaiduNichkhun + BaiduTVXQ

credits { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + Korean Highlight

shared by : ocha_sshi @ ALL ABOUT U-KISS INDONESIA

U-KISS Dongho stole many attention by his smart brain

U-KISS Dongho who known as The 2nd Nation Little Brothergot many attention by his smart brain.

This June, he join a TV show where he will study about 80 days to enter SEOUL UNIVERSITY.In this tvN’s program,Dongho who still in the first grade in his High school get a language test that its acctually for 3rd grade and from 110 poin,he got 52 poin, higher then the other people thought.

He is a busy celebrity but it seems like he is one of the korean artist who have smart brain.He also have his metode for study well.

credit hankyung + korean indo + all about u-kiss (english article)


100614 U-KISS at Incheon Airport

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100612 XANDER update his twitpic

Shooting for NYLON magazine!! Found a special sunglasses!! It’s like the one Lady Gaga wore in Paparazzi & Beyonce in Telephone MV! (♡o♡)/
credits :
alexander_0729 + All About U-kiss Indonesia (re-up)


Hiks… since I was SEMI HIATUS *Readers : whos care about that!!!!! -kick-*

Now I steal my study time for post something as an apologize for you guys….

ok… as u know that our boys will release their new MV… And suddenly bcoz of that GOD gimme an inspiration to post it *OVERACT AGAIN…. XP*

Well… this is about which member that u guys hope to get more part appearance in their music video… vote it please….

siapa yg paling kalian harepin muncul paling banyak di MV baru ntar… thats it now Im back to study again… *Hope there is someone who miss me TT.TT*

Special pics from Kissme Philipines

OK… this is ocha here

Im back for upload these pics.Our kissme family in Phillipines send these pics by e-mail.Thanks to Maricar… And for u guys who want to send your own pics when U-KISS come to ur country….we’ll always ready to accept and post it here ^^ enjoy….

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100226 U-KISS’s Vampire Ep 06

Aigooo eps 6???

but no engsub so be patient guys…

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100226 U-KISS’ 1st Full Album, ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ Is Gaining Popularity… ^^

Dongho who is popular among entertainment variety programs for his cute appearance is a member of an idol group U-KISS. Last year, U-KISS managed to gain so much popularity due to their dance track ‘Man Man Ha Ni‘.

(Gu Gain Anchor) U-KISS has come up with their 1st full album. They are on their way to become one of the popular singers. Sports Donga’s reporter, Heo Min Nyeong managed to spend some time with them. Read more of this post

SBS Inkigayo Take 7

ok… honestly i want to record this show n upload it for u guys but i was late to stream so i took it from youtube n share it to u guys… here they are…


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100225 [Thursday Music Show] U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul

Uploaded by Rocketboxx… here they are…u-kiss at Thursday Music Show….


[PIC] 100219 Alexander @ 8th smart model contest, CHUROOB

Actually I heard that he was sick during this perform (same like me … hiks… (>3<) )

okay..there are some pics for you guys… check it out…

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