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101008 U-Kiss’s “Shut Up!” MV (Clean version)

cek it 🙂

credit : ukiss2008 @ YT + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (

4 responses to “101008 U-Kiss’s “Shut Up!” MV (Clean version)

  1. Leonnet 13 October 2010 at 09:09

    There’s a dirty one?

  2. dv 13 October 2010 at 15:04

    yup,haha XD
    you can check it in make sure that you’r 18+ ^^

  3. yoochan 14 October 2010 at 21:06

    i dont understand about ‘clean version’
    anyone want tell me, please ??

    dv eonni*sksd*,, huaa i’m 14 *go away*

  4. dv 15 October 2010 at 06:06

    clean version itu kagak pake acara telanjang dada-an gitu dah ~ pokok.a g pake adegan2 yang aneh2.a . .
    howaa. .go away ya dongsaeng. .bikin KTP dulu gih,baru boleh nonton XD *kidding*

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