The 1st Only U-kiss Fanblog in Indonesia


Hello. It’s the Kiss Me representive here.

This is an announcement regarding the teaser for U-Kiss’ new album that was sceduled to be released this afternoon.

The teaser was scheduled to be released at 9PM but because the editing is somewhat behind schedule, the time will be made later.

The teaser video will be revealed at 12MN KST via the official homepage. If it has to be later, it will not be later than 1AM KST.

You will be able to view the teaser on the official homepage or the official youtube channel.

When the teaser is up, due to heavy traffic into the official homepage(, it may face a temporary failure. If you cannot access the homepage, please use U-Kiss’ official YouTube channel. (

Lastly, tomorrow, 4th October 2010, is the release date for U-Kiss’ 4th Minialbum on online shops. On the first day of release, everybody please provide us with a good response ^^

Offline sales will be available in all major music stores around the country from 5th October, Wednesday.

Thank you.

Credits: Official Cafe + ukissme.SG (Translations)+All About U-Kiss Indonesia

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