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100822 Alexander – Netizen Praise “Looks Like A Baby”

U-KISS Alexander’s bare face was being revealed.

Alexander tanpa make-up dipublikasikan.

On the August 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team’, the hotel rooms where the members stayed were being revealed one by one. During this process, the bare face of Alexander, who had fallen asleep at that time was aired.

Pda tgl 22 agustus program tayangan dari KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team’, kamar hotel para anggota diperlihatkan secara satu-per-satu. Selama proses berlangsung, wajah Alexander tanpa make-up pun terlihat saat ia bangun tidur.

Alexander, who was awakened in his bed with his face was half-covered by a blanket said “Presents from Hong Kong fans” and introduced some Hong Kong singer’s album and a compilation of photos album specially made for Alexander.

Alexander yg terbangun dari tempat tidurnya dgn wajah yg setengah sadar langsung mengambil sebuah blanket dan ia berkata “Hadiah dari fans Hong Kong” dan memperkenalkan sebuah album seorang penyanyi dan sebuah album foto yg special di buat utk Alexander.

The tired, eyes half-closed while still in bed Alexander was being pulled out by the MC Lee Chang Myung and the other Dream Team members, and they headed out for International Dragon Boat Competition’s practice in the hallway.

Alexander yg masih dalam keadaan lelah dgn mata setengah tertutup di atas kasur ditarik oleh MC Lee Chang Myung dan para member Dream Team lainnya, dan mrk pun keluar dari kamar utk melakukan Kompetisi Perahu Naga Internasional di lorong.

Netizen who watched the broadcast left their praises and comments such as “His wake up face looks like a baby”, “His sleeping appearance is pretty”, “His bare face is handsome too” etc.

Para netizen yg menyaksikan tayangan tersebut lgsg memberikan komentar “saat dia (Alexander) bangun sangat terlihat sperti bayi”, “dia tidurpun terlihat manis/cantik”, “wajah tanpa make-up nya pun jg sangat tampan” dll.

Meanwhile, in this broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team’, Junho (2PM), Jinon (F.Cuz), Alexander (U-KISS), Sangchu (Mighty Mouth), Lee Sang In, Lee Byung Jin, Kim Byung Man managed to finish 4th in the Hong Kong’s International Dragon Boat Competition.

Sementara itu, di tayangan KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team’ ini, Junho (2PM), Jinon (F.Cuz), Alexander (U-KISS), Sangchu (Mighty Mouth), Lee Sang In, Lee Byung Jin, dan Kim Byung Man berhasil menyelesaikan Kompetisi Perahu Naga Internasional ke-4.

source : Newsen

credit : jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans) + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (Indo trans)


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