The 1st Only U-kiss Fanblog in Indonesia


annyeong . . .

it’s long time no post anything in this lovely blog~

so sorry guys . . .

our author and admin was so bussy with their new school n the admins just entering collage (including me ^^) so many thing we must handle . .

so . . . i’m here to say that WE NEED NEW AUTHOR, that :

1. really LOVE U-Kiss

2. know where to search U-Kiss newest news,picture,etc

3.can posting 1 post or more per day

if u guys feel that u can be our new outhor . .

u can mention me on my twitter or send a message on my facebook

i hope u guys can spread your LOVE to U-Kiss with become our new author ^^

Kiss Me jjang~


2 responses to “ATTENTION! -CLOSED-

  1. Keyeun 25 July 2010 at 09:42

    Pengen minta d postingin link Raising Idol Dongho yg engsub dr ep 1 mpe skrg iaah..
    Bsa kan?

  2. merrysilvestre 12 September 2010 at 19:49

    yoboseyo…………… hukusmnida u kissis the best in phillippine is so very cute in virtious and friendly i wish back to phillippine i love u yoboseyo

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