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100524 Soohyun & Siwan (ZE:A) – “Battle of Idol Best ‘Big Mouth Size'”

ZE:A’s Siwan was selected as the idol with the biggest mouth size.
Siwan (ZE:A) terpiih sbgai artis dgn ukuran mulut terbesar.

The May 25th broadcast of cable channel KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ showed U-KISS and ZE:A battling out as the new generation of idol stars through the confrontation of mouth size.
Pada tgl 25 Mei tayangan KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ mnampilkan U-Kiss dan ZE:A bertanding sbgai generasi baru bintang idola dgn konfrontasi ukuran mulut (LOL!!!)

The 4th week confrontation’s final showdown was to find the idol with the biggest mouth size. The final representatives from the two groups were U-KISS’s Soohyun and ZE:A’s Siwan.
Konfrontasi final slama 4 minggu adlh utk mnemukan artis dgn ukuran mulut terbesar. Wakil dari 2 grup adlah Soohyun (U-Kiss) dan Siwan (ZE:A)

In the final round, both of them threw out their idol images and showed their fighting spirit to win the confrontation.
Dlm putaran final, keduanya membuang image artis mrk dan menunjukkan semangat dlm memenangkan konfrontasi.

Especially Siwan who has a pretty appearance, but he managed to make his team members surprised with an overwhelming big mouth size.
Terutama Siwan yg mmiliki penampilan cantik, namun ia berhasil mmbuat terkejut member lain dgn ukuran mulutnya yg besar.

The MC, Eun Ji Won and Moon Hee Jun also examined the other members’ mouth size, and agreed that no one can beat Siwan.
MC Eun Ji Won dan Moon Hee Jun jg mmriksa ukuran mulut member lain, dan akhr setuju bhwa tdk ada yg sebesar Siwan.

Moreover, Soohyun and Siwan put on red lipstick and bragging about it, created a big laughter to everyone.
Apalagi, Soohyun dan Siwan mmakai lipstick merah pada saat itu, mmbuat smua org tertawa.

‘Idol League’ will be aired on May 25th at 6:50 pm.

‘Idol League’ akn ditayangan pda tgl 25 Mei jam 6:50 sore.

credits: TVDaily (Source) + ROCKETBOXX.NET (eng trans) + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (indo trans)


One response to “100524 Soohyun & Siwan (ZE:A) – “Battle of Idol Best ‘Big Mouth Size'”

  1. tristan cojuanco 25 May 2010 at 21:26

    hahahahh……so funny

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