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[100522] Dongho New Love Variety ‘Love Chaser’

Cable channel MBC Dramanet will be having a new love variety program called ‘Love Chaser’, and it will be hosted by the gagman-gagwoman lover Yoon Hyungbin and Jung Gyeong Mi.

Channel kabel MBC Dramanet akan punya variety cinta baru yang disebut “Love Chaser”, dan ini akan dipandu oleh gagpria-gagwanita pasangan Yoon Hyungbin dan Jung Gyeong Mi.

‘Love Chaser’ is a program where a star talked about his/her affection to the opposite sex star that he/she admires, as well as his/her ways of chasing love.

“Love Chaser” adalah program dimana para bintang berbicara tentang ketertarikannya pada bintang lawan jenis yang dia puja, begitu juga cara mereka mengejar cintanya.

The guest for the first episode is Dongho. The first broadcast will be on May 26th.

Tamu pada episode pertama adalah Dongho. Rekaman perdana dilaksanakan pada 26 Mei.

Source: Donga Eng trans: Mimi@contiukiss + kissmeukiss + All About U-kiss Indonesia ( indo trans)


One response to “[100522] Dongho New Love Variety ‘Love Chaser’

  1. Ja-Paige 5 June 2010 at 03:35

    he looks really good in that picture!!!

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