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[100517] It’s All About Dongho !

dongho’s hair transform ><

dongho with his old school style ><
uum. . what a big n strong hand. .rite ? XD

for ELLE magazine

close his eyes . . >< awwww. . hahhah

dongho when audition for “Heroes Challange”

BOTH of them are CUTE haha

for sponsor . . looks mature with those glasses !

kiss kiss. .let’s kiss his cheek XD

uum. .ear warmer ? cute stuff !

love the editing ><

thirsty dongho. .

what a cute expression ><

hahhaha lips scream ?

o o o . . KISS him !

aigoo. .

credit: dongho cy + All About U-Kiss Indonesia (re up)


2 responses to “[100517] It’s All About Dongho !

  1. joyce 17 May 2010 at 17:28

    hahaha…cute baby dong ho we love you……always……………….take care…..coz…i care……

  2. Da'lin May 17 May 2010 at 20:31

    It’s no wonder Dongho is the most popular….just taking a look at these pics makes me blush and smile!!^///^

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