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[100516] Kiseop Put 650 Won Coins into His Nostrils

U-KISS’s Kiseop has become a hot topic for his ability to put 650 won coins into his nose.

Kiseop U-Kiss menjadi topik yang sedang panas dibincangkan karena kemampuannya memasukan koin 65o won kedalam hidungnya.

During the filming of KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ that will be aired on the coming May 18th, Kiseop took part in the ‘Catch A Mouse’ game that was made popular by the past variety program ‘Heroine 6′. During the game, they had to put 500 won, 100 won and 50 won coins into their nose, which is something bizarre and daring for idols to do.

Selama memfilmkan KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ yang akan disiarkan pada tanggal 18 Mei,Kiseop mendapat bagian di permaina ‘Catch A Mouse’ yang telah populer di program reality yang sebelumnya ‘Heroine 6’. Selama permainan,mereka harus memasukan 500 won,100 won dan 50 koin won kedalam hidung mereka, yang merupakan sesuatu yang aneh dan penuh tantangan bagi para idol.

The two MCs, Eun Jiwon and Moon Hee Jun, took the challenge first by putting a 500 won into their nose. However, both of them gave up due to the pain.

Dua MC,Eun Jiwon dan Moon Hee Jun,mengambil tantangan pertama dengan memasukkan 500 won kedalam hidung,keduanya menyerah karena kesakitan.

For the penalty, Kiseop has to put 500 won coins into both of his nostrils, showing a side of him that hasn’t been shown before, which made the crew and the members burst into laughing.

Untuk hukumannya,Kisop harus memasukkan 500 won kedalam kedua lubang hidungnya,memperlihatkan sisi daori dirinya yang tak pernah terlihat sebelumnya,yang membuat para crew dan para member  tertawa terbahak-bahak.

U-KISS ‘empty-headed’ Kiseop’s nostrils-in-action can be seen on the May 18th broadcast of KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ Episode 3, at 6:50 pm.

U-KISS ‘empty-headed’ aksi lubang hidung Kiseop dapat disaksikan pada 18 Mei  disiarkan oleh KBS JOY ‘Idol League’ Episode 3, jam 6:50 malam.

Source: Bntnews
English translation: Mimi@contiukiss + All About U-Kiss Indonesia ( indonesia translation)


2 responses to “[100516] Kiseop Put 650 Won Coins into His Nostrils

  1. mrs.Kiseob 16 May 2010 at 14:54

    oh mai gosh O.O
    ada gmbar close up nya ga? Biar jelas gitu XDD

  2. dv 16 May 2010 at 20:10

    ntar yah . . kalau ada kita PASTI postin >< ok ?

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