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100501 U-Kiss – “Follow-Up Song Activities ‘RESTART'”

U-KISS has officially starting the promotion of their 1st full album’s follow-up song.

U-Kiss scra resmi memulai promosi mrk dgn melanjutkan lagu dari 1st full album mrk.

On the April 30th broadcast of KBS 2TV Music Bank, they have resumed their 1st album promotion activities by performing their follow-up song entitled ‘뭐라고 What’. U-KISS had their first stage for ‘뭐라고 What’ on last April 15th on Mnet Mcountdown before their promotion activities were halted due to the unfortunate Cheonan incident, where all the main TV stations decided to cancel their live music programs in respect to the victims. However, 3 weeks after the incident, they are finally back on stage to entertain the viewers.

Pada tgl 30 April pda tayangan KBS 2TV Music Bank, mrk melanjutkan promosi 1st album mrk dgn menampilkan lagu mrk yg berjudul ‘Mworago (What)’. Penampilan pertama mrk utk ‘Mworago (What)’ dilakukan pda tgl 15 April lalu di Mnet Mcountdown sbelum kegiatan promosi mrk terhentikan krna insiden malang Cheonan, dimana sluruh stasiun TV menghentikan smua kegiatan program live musik mrk utk para mnghormati para korban. Bagaimanapun, 3 minggu stlah insiden trsebut, akhirnya mrk kmbali ke atas panggung utk para penonton.

Follow-up song ‘뭐라고 What’ is created by Brave Brothers specially as U-KISS title song for their 1st full album before ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ was selected at the end.

Lagu yg dipromosikan ‘Mworago (What)’ dibuat oleh Brave Brothers special utk judul lagu 1st full album mrk sblum ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ yg akhirnya dipilih.

With the recent resume activities starting from April 30th onwards, U-KISS will present the newly remix version of ‘뭐라고 What’ through online site such as Melon, Box, Cyworld etc, as well for the main broadcasts. They hope that the song will enter high in various broadcast and online music charts.

Dgn berlanjutnya kegiatan mrk pada tgl 30 April, U-Kiss akn mempersembahkan versi remix terbaru dari ‘Mworago (What)’ melalui situs online yaitu Melon, Box, Cyworld dll. Dan jg utk siaran pertama. Mrk berharap lagu ini bisa masuk kebrbagai tayangan dan masuk ke chart posisi tinggi di situs online.

The agency’s official said “Even though that they could only promote this song in music programs for such a short time due to the unfortunate event, but they will stay active in each broadcasting channels, and they will show the viewers their cool side too.”

Agensi resmi mengatakan “Meskipun mrk hnya bisa mempromosikan lagu ini dlm program-program musik utk wkt yg singkat karna peristiwa musibah, ttapi mrk akn ttp aktif di berbagai saluran, dan mrk akn menampilkan sisi cool dari mrk juga.”

credits : Osen + (eng trans) + ROCKETBOXX.NET + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (indo trans)


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