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100421 Dongho – “Revealed the reason why he was given only 8 Syllables in time of debut”

U-KISS’s Dongho revealed that puberty is the reason why he wasn’t given many parts in a song.

Dongho mngungkapkan mslah pubertas yg merupakan alasan knpa ia tdk dberi byk bgian dlm lagu.

On the April 20th broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Dongho said “My puberty period came just as I’m about to debut as a singer. We were in the middle of recording the song for the first time when suddenly my voice didn’t come out. I got panicked.”

Pda siaran tgl 20 April dari SBS Strong Heart, Dongho brkata “masa pubertasku dtg bersama’an dgn saat aku akn debut sbgai penyanyi. Kami brada saat di tengah-tengah rekaman lagu utk prtama kalinya, tiba-tiba suaraku tdk keluar/tdk ada. Aku pun panik.”

Dongho revealed “Because of that, my parts in the song were reduced to 8 syllables.”

Dongho brkata “Karna itu, bgianku dlm lagu itu dikurangi sampai 8 suku kata.”

Hearing this, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk steal the attention by saying “8 syllables are considered a lot.” He commented on this “That was a lot. I only received 5 syllables” while Shindong replied “I don’t even have any parts. They only gave me a turned-off microphone!” which created a huge laughter among the guests.

Mndengar hal ini, Eunhyuk (Super Junio) mncuri prhatian dgn mengatakan “8 suku kata dianggap byk.” Dia brkomentar ttg ini “Itu byk. Aku hnya mnerima 5 suku kata” sementara Shindong mnjawab, “Aku bahkan tdk mmiliki bagian. Mrk hnya memberiku mikrofon yg sdg off!” hal ini membuat tawa besar di antara para bintang tamu.

credits: SeoulNTN (source) + Maxmovie (source) + ROCKETBOXX.NET (eng trans) + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (indo trans)


3 responses to “100421 Dongho – “Revealed the reason why he was given only 8 Syllables in time of debut”

  1. dino-chan 22 April 2010 at 13:27

    wow, no wonder ~
    I forgot that Dongho is still in the stage between before and after puberty.
    Pity him ;( I hope he can sing more in future 😉

    U-Kiss hwaiting!!!

    Thanks for sharing ^~^

  2. bebey 준호 25 April 2010 at 17:44

    wa.. kasian dongho.. tapi lebih kasian shindong. hoho.. masa di kasi mic mati? hehe

  3. nha_elilovers 26 April 2010 at 17:59

    duh…dongho kasian bgd…
    aku bisa ngerasain kyk donghi kok…
    coz,,aku juga seumuran ma dongho… ❤

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