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100417 U-Kiss – “Teases their fan meeting in… Malaysia ??”

The U-Kiss boys recently begun promotions on M! Countdown with their new song, What but like many other singers promoting during this period, their schedules have been disrupted due to events out of their control.

U-Kiss yg memulai promosi baru mrk di M! Countdown dgn lagu terbaru mrk, What (Mworago) ttapi, sperti byk penyanyi lain yg mempromosikan slama periode ini, jadwal mrk tlah terganggu karna event yg di luar kendali mrk.

But one thing is definitely confirmed and that is they would be heading to Malaysia this coming June! U-Kiss member, Alexander had only just tweeted about it yesterday and we have one location confirmed today.

Tapi satu hal yg pasti dikonfirmasi dan yg akan mrk tuju slnjutnya adlh ke Malaysia Juni ini! Anggota U-Kiss, Alexander baru saja tweeted ttg hal itu kemarin dan kami mmiliki satu lokasi informasi hari ini.

“To all our foreign fans! It seems like U-KISS would be going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong for concert, showcase, etc~” (8:12 PM Apr 16th via web) *Twitter*

Geneses Dream Entertainment have managed to get U-Kiss to Malaysia for a fan meeting on 19th June at the KLCC. There were some doubts initially among U-Kiss fans who questioned whether it was a scam but the exclusive teaser video recorded by the U-Kiss members should put your fears to rest.

Geneses Dream Entertainment tlah berhasil mendptkan U-Kiss utk ke Malaysia utk fanmeeting pda 19 Juni di KLCC. Ada bbrpa keraguan awalnya antara U-Kiss fans yg mempertanyakan apakah itu scam tpi teaser video eksklusif yg dibuat oleh anggota U-Kiss hrus mmbuat kalian beristirahat sjnak.

credit (video) : ukissism3 @youtube + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (re-shared)

credit (news) : allkpop + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (indo trans)


but, gak lama stlah itu~ si xander ng-tweet ini lagi :

“Please don’t be upset if we’re not YET going to your countries. Would love to go to Indonesia, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, etc~ Look forward tho!” ( 8:19 PM Apr 16th via web) *Twitter*

credit : Alexander Lee Eusebio (via Twitter) @alexander_0729 + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (re-shared)


One response to “100417 U-Kiss – “Teases their fan meeting in… Malaysia ??”

  1. phyorin 20 April 2010 at 18:19

    ehm, mereka cuma fan meeting atau plus konser?

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