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100416 Dongho – “Stocks Investement” and Soohyun – “As A Gagman”

‘Nuna’s romance’ U-KISS has turned chic and witty for Elle Girl.

Percintaan nuna utk U-KISS tlah brpalin krna chic dan kecerdasan utk Elle Girl *sorry agak gak mudeng bagian ini*

U-KISS, who recently emerges as the international idol group, had a photoshoot and an interview, and those will be featured in the upcoming release of May’s edition of ‘Elle Girl’.

U-KISS, yg baru-baru ini muncul sbgai grup idola internasional, mlakukan pemotretan dan wawancara, dan mrk akn ditampilkan dlm peluncuran ‘Elle Girl’ edisi Mei.

On last  March, U-KISS went to Philippines to held several showcases that were attended by more than 20,000 fans. Later on, they headed to Thailand for ‘Show King Super Concert In Bangkok’ which was organized by Mnet Media, and was cheered hard by the fans.

Pda Maret lalu, U-KISS prgi ke Filipina utk bbrapa penampilan yg diadakan dgn dihadiri oleh lbih dari 20.000 penggemar. Kemudian, mrk prgi ke Thailand utk ‘Show King Super Concert In Bangkok’ yg diselenggarakan oleh Mnet Media, dan dielu-elukan keras oleh para penggemar.

Soohyun, who recently appeared in various variety programs, confidently said during the individual interview “Lots of my school’s friend said that I’m a funny boy. My middle school’s friends said that I should be a comedian. They said that my character is easy-going and enjoyable.”

Soohyun, yg baru-baru ini muncul dlm berbagai program variety, prcaya diri mengatakan saat wawancara individu “Byk teman sekolahku yg mengatakan bahwa aku seorang anak yg lucu, teman-teman sekolah menengahku mengatakan bahwa aku hrus jdi pelawak.. Mrk mengatakan bahwa karakterku aktif dan menyenangkan.”

During an individual interview, Dongho gave a surprising fact that he is different from his ‘sporty maknae’ image that he showed in TV “I usually like being alone and like saving money to invest them in stocks”.

Slama wawancara individu, Dongho memberikan fakta mengejutkan bahwa ia berbeda dari maknae sporty lainnya ” temperatrur ia tunjukkan di TV” Biasanya aku suka sendirian dan sperti menyimpan uang mrk utk berinvestasi dlm saham”.

Not too long ago, Dongho revealed on MBC ‘Change The World’ (Sebakwi) about his knitting hobby. At that time, many fans were shocked with Dongho’s revelation of his feminine hobby and it seems like the shock will still be there as he was unexpectedly showed his economic wise despite his young age.

Tdk trllu lama brselang, Dongho mengungkapkan pda MBC ‘Change The World’ (Sebakwi) ttg hobinya merajut. Pada saat itu, byk penggemar yg kaget dgn kebiasaan Dongho ttg hobi feminin dan sepertinya kejutan msh akn ada karna ia tiba-tiba menunjukan kebijaksanaan dibidang ekonomi meskipun usianya msh muda.

Meanwhile, it was recently known that ‘single mom’ actress Bang Eunhee (43) is currently in a relationship with U-KISS agency’s CEO, Kim Namhee.

Sementara itu, baru-baru ini diketahui bahwa ‘orangtua tunggal’ aktris Bang Eunhee (43) saat ini ada hbungan dgn CEO agensi U-KISS, Kim Namhee.

Newsen was told on April 16th “Bang Eunhee and NH Media’s CEO Kim Namhee met and became close since last year. Bang Eunhee’s 9 years old son is already using ‘dad’ to address CEO Kim”.

Newsen memberitahukan bhwa pda tgl 16 April “Bang Eunhee bertemu dgn CEO NH Media, Kim Namhee dan mnjadi dekat sjak thn lalu. Ank Bang Eunhee yg msh berumur 9 thn memanggil CEO Kim dgn sebutan ‘ayah’”.

U-KISS showed the different side of them in this photoshoot. Instead of charismatic look that they showed during ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ and ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, they went for a more neat and dandy looks which brought out their youthful teenager’s look.

U-KISS mnunjukkan sisi yg brbeda dari mrk dlm pemotretan ini. Seolah-olah trlihat karismatik mrk tunjukkan hal itu slama ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ dan ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, ketika mrk prgi utk kluar, mrk menunjukkan gaya yg lbih rapi dan keren mrk sangat trlihat sperti remaja.

U-KISS’s free-spirit charm photoshoot and interview in May’s edition of ‘Elle Girl’ will be revealed to the public through Atzine (

Pesona U-KISS saat pemotretan dan wawancara di edisi ‘Elle Girl’ bln Mei akn diumumkan ke publik mlalui Atzine (

credits: Newsen (source) + Mydaily (source) + Hankooki (source) + contiukiss (eng tans for Soohyun’s part only) + ROCKETBOXX.NET (eng trans) + All About U-Kiss Blog Indonesia (indo trans for all parts)


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