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100402 U-Kiss – “Sold 7000 album in their 3 day tour in the Philippines”

U-Kiss made over 7000 album sales on 3 day promotions in Philippines
Ukiss membuat 7000 penjualan album dalam 3 hari promosi di Philipina

U-kiss has now returned after their large fan showcase in the Philippines.
Sekarang Ukiss mempunyai banyak fans di Philipina *maap bag ini saia kurang tau*

According to local media their “SM mall” Showcase at the time had about an estimated number of 5,000 people in attendance.
Menurut media lokal mereka “SM Mall” Showcase pada saat itu perkiraan jumlah orang yg hadir adalah 5.000 orang.

NH media said “Although too many people rushed in and the crowd was so huge that it was dangerous U-kiss still proceeded and did not delay”. They also said it was one of the most extraordinary experience U-kiss had and marked a note at Philippines History.
NH media mengatakan “Meskipun banyak orang bergegas masuk dan kerumunan itu begitu besar dan berbahaya, U-Kiss masih berjalan, dan tidak tertunda”. Mereka juga mengatakan bahwa salah satu yang paling luar biasa pengalaman U-Kiss itu adalah menandai catatan di Sejarah Filipina.

NH Media said that there were about 2000 album sales made that day and with the total of 3 days promotional tour there was a total album sales of about 7000 copies. The agency said that it was very unexpected reaction for the local fans.
NH Media mengatakan bahwa ada sekitar 2000 album penjualan pada hari itu dan dengan total 3 hari tur promosi ada penjualan album sekitar 7000 eksemplar. NH Media juga mengatakan bahwa itu adalah reaksi yang sangat tak terduga dari penggemar lokal.

In addition, U-kiss also appeared in GMA TV shows like “Talk Show walang tulugan” and noontime variety show “Party Pilipinas”. They appeared and performed their hit song Round and Round and they showed an explosive and powerful stage presence. The fans were also singing along with u-kiss during the presentaion.
Selain itu, U-Kiss juga muncul di TV GMA acara seperti “Talk Show walang tulugan” dan menunjukkan berbagai acara siang “Party Pilipinas”. Mereka muncul dan menyanyikan lagu hit mereka yaitu Round dan Round dan mereka menunjukkan kehadiran panggung eksplosif dan kuat. Para fans juga bernyanyi bersama u-kiss selama lagu itu.

Meanwhile, After U-kiss’ 3 day mall tour in the Philippines, they will be visiting Thailand next hopefully making a hallyu wave in Asia.
Selain itu, Setelah ukiss mengadakan 3 hari mall tour ‘di Filipina, mereka akan mengunjungi Thailand, semoga mereka membuat hallyu wave di Asia.

credits:  StarNews + Rocketboxx + -indo trans- AAU_BLOG


2 responses to “100402 U-Kiss – “Sold 7000 album in their 3 day tour in the Philippines”

  1. maricar 5 April 2010 at 07:31

    yahoo yahoo! conratz to UKISS BOYS 7000 copys sold not bad! all the fans here in the philippines cant wait to see the big concert of ukiss here.

  2. YamaKim Eusebio 8 April 2010 at 09:02


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