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100331 Dongho & Eli @ Everland

credit : DC GALLERY (SOURCE) + yoosu_ki @SOOMPI + ROCKETBOXX.NET + Evie @AAU Blog (re-up)


3 responses to “100331 Dongho & Eli @ Everland

  1. kissstella501 5 April 2010 at 08:01

    aiyaa. c dongho lucu bgd. manisnyaa =33
    jacket’a suka XD

    eli rambut’a heboh dah XP

    makasii 😀

  2. YamaKim Eusebio 8 April 2010 at 08:46

    wuaaaaaa…..dong2nya lucu bgt ms…..

    ih,dy poto sm sp tuh? kiss me ya??

    makasih ya picts-nya…. ^^

  3. MARICAR 14 April 2010 at 16:17

    the phot is so cute eli and dongho. i wish i have same pictures like this. thanks 4 sharing the photos of ukiss boy.

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