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100325 Soohyun’s Message

Title: Hiyeom

Time posted: 3:12AM GMT (itu waktu Korea kayaknya)

아직도 열심히 연습중 !!! 두둥 아자아자!!
Still practicing hard !!! Aja aja !!

Masih berlatih dengan giat! Aja aja!

힘을주소서!!! 내사랑들
Please give me strength !!! My loves

Mohon berikan aku kekuatan! Cintaku

credits: + nicole xoxo @ (english trans)

indonesian translation by Nana @ AAU Blog


One response to “100325 Soohyun’s Message

  1. kissstella501 26 March 2010 at 19:53

    I will give u strength, oppa ^____^
    Hwaitingg !!! Jaga kesehatan iia =]

    makasii sunbae 🙂

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