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100325 Artists Who Debuted 2 Years Ago Are Multi-Entertainer!


-Translating U-KISS’s part only^^-

“We’re still feel like a rookie whenever we stand on the stage, just like when we were first debuted even thought we started our idol’s career 2 years ago. We’ll be promoting our follow-up song ‘뭐라고 What’ starting from next week. We’ll be doing activities for our follow-up song and each members will be active in cable channel, so please watch our featured variety programs a lot, emphasizing ‘The U-KISS’s Variety Program Generation’. Starting from May, we’ll be doing our overseas activities in order for us to become the global U-KISS.”

-Translating U-KISS’s part only^^-

“Kami msh merasa seperti s’org pemula setiap kali kami berdiri di atas panggung, sama seperti ketika kami pertama kali debut 2 tahun yg lalu. Kami akn mempromosikan lagu kami ‘뭐라고 What’ mulai dri minggu depan. Kami akn mlakukan kegiatan utk follow up lagu kami dan setiap anggota akn aktif di brbagai program acra, jadi harap menyaksikan berbagai fitur program kami, sperti ‘U-Kiss’s Variety Program Generation’. Mulai dari bulan Mei, kami akn mlakukan kegiatan di luar negeri agar kami mnjadi U-KISS global.” *mksd’a grup yg mendunia ^^*

credits: Donga (Source) + (eng trans) + ROCKETBOXX.NET + Evie @AAU Blog (indo tans)


One response to “100325 Artists Who Debuted 2 Years Ago Are Multi-Entertainer!

  1. kissstella501 26 March 2010 at 19:57

    Jgn lupakan Kiss Me Indonesia .>_<. kekeke.
    Sukses bwd Mworago ama tur asia'a yh =]

    Jaga kesehatan ^^

    makasii sunbae 🙂

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