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Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) brings Korean “super idol band” U-Kiss to Manila for the very first time for a series of special mall shows on March 26, 27, and 28. This is in line with the promotion of the band’s full-length, solo concert here in the country that will happen this June.

Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) membwa “super idol band” Korea, U-Kiss ke Manila utk pertama kalinya dlm serangkaian acara mall khusus pda 26 Maret, 27, dan 28. Hal ini sjalan dgn promosi dari band-band yg lain, konser solo di sini, di negara yg akn dikunjungi pda bulan Juni ini.

U-Kiss is composed of Alexander, Kevin, Dong Ho, Eli, Ki Bum, Soo Hyun, and Ki Seop. The band debuted in Atamai, Japan at “The Second Power of Atamix ’08” and this paved the way form a successful solo show in Hamamatsucho, Japan. Since then, the band released 3 singles and their current full-length studio album “Without You” is rapidly climbing the charts of various Asian countries. U-Kiss is also given the Best New Artist award at the “Asian Song Festival” in 2008.

U-Kiss trdiri dari Alexander, Kevin, Dong Ho, Eli, Ki Bum, Soo Hyun, dan Ki Seop. Mrk yg debut jepangnya di Atamai, Japan at “The Second Power of Atamix ‘08” dan ini mmbuka jalan utk kesuksesan dlm konser solo di Hamamatsucho, Japan. Sejak itu mrk mrilis 3 single dan mrk jg mrilis 1st album, “Without You” adlh lagu dgn cepatnya merambat ktangga lagu diberbagai negara di Asia. U-Kiss jg diberikan pnghargaan sbg “The Best New Artist” di “Asian Song Festival” pda thn 2008.

Members Kevin and Alexander are chosen as VJs for Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” while Dong Ho is currently a member of the “Unrivalled Baseball Team.”

Kevin dan Alexander adlh member yg trpilih mnjadi VJ utk Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” lalu Dong Ho aldh member yg trpilih utk ikt brgabung di “Invicible Team Baseball”

PEP chairman Joong Ku says that U-Kiss is the first of the many Korean stars that his company will bring to the Philippines. PEP is currently under negotiations in bringing Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 to the country.

Ketua PEP, Joong Ku mngatakan U-Kiss adlh artis Korea prtama yg dibwa ke Philipina.

PEP jg sedang dlm negoisasi utk mmbwa Big Bang, Wonder Girls, dan 2NE1 utk kenegera tersebut.

PEP will also collaborate with local film and TV productions in strengthening the cultural and artistic interaction between Korea and the Philippines.

PEP jg akn brkolaborasi dgn film lokal dan TV produksi dlm memperkuat budaya dan seni interaksi antara Korea dan Phlipina.

Credit : + ROCKETBOXX.NET + Vie @ AAU Blog (Indonesia Translation)


2 responses to “100302 U-KISS HITS MANILA!

  1. mae 5 March 2010 at 22:15

    ayo u-kiss…sukses ga hanya di korea aja. fighting!!!

    gain more support from all over the world ^_^

  2. Tatia 8 September 2010 at 15:51

    Aku suka banget ma Kevin

    I love you Kevin

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