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100226 U-KISS’ 1st Full Album, ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ Is Gaining Popularity… ^^

Dongho who is popular among entertainment variety programs for his cute appearance is a member of an idol group U-KISS. Last year, U-KISS managed to gain so much popularity due to their dance track ‘Man Man Ha Ni‘.

(Gu Gain Anchor) U-KISS has come up with their 1st full album. They are on their way to become one of the popular singers. Sports Donga’s reporter, Heo Min Nyeong managed to spend some time with them.


Heo Min Nyeong reporter: Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet U-KISS members. You guys have just released a new album. It’s your 1st full album and their title song is called ‘Bingeul Bingeul‘. Is there a meaning behind the song’s title?

U-KISS: When we sing ‘Man Man Ha Ni‘, the song gave out a message that “don’t look as U-KISS as an easy group”. U-KISS came out with a strong image at that time, and our song this time is to tell people to listen to us and keep the song round and round in their head and ears.

Reporter: Are you guys feeling happy with the sudden increasing of your popularity?

U-KISS: Of course we are. But we also feel nervous about that. Because the expectations on us are higher now, sometimes it feels like we couldn’t digest with the current situation.

Reporter: Dongho is appearing on many entertainment variety programs nowadays right? Does being labeled as a rising star ‘Yeneung-dol (Variety Program Idol)’ gives you a hard time?

U-KISS: (Dongho) Sometimes, the viewers labeled me as a baseball players and not knowing that I’m a singer too… They kept calling me ‘Dongho seonsu (athlete)’. It would be nice if sometimes they can call me as U-KISS’s ‘gasu (singer) Dongho’ too.

Reporter: I’m sure that you need to practice for ‘Invincible Baseball Team’, do you have a specific time to practice baseball?

U-KISS: After schedules ended and on the way to go home, I’ll stop by at the batting field to practice my batting. If you insert a 500 won coin into the machine, you’ll be able to practice/play for 1 hour. I do this everyday on the way back home from the office.

Reporter: ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ is a song that came with a hook and addictive melodies, and the dance ‘Kangnam Dance’ has become the trend back then. Why ‘Kangnam Dance’?

U-KISS: ‘Kangnam Dance’ is not a name, it’s a short form of ‘Kanghan Namja Dance (Strong Guy Dance)’.

Reporter: ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ is also accompanied with a dance. Do you think that ‘Whirlwind/Tornado Dance’ can become a trend too?

U-KISS: I think that it’s possible because the dance move is easy and fun to follow, and addictive as well.

Reporter: Tell me about the most important point in ‘Whirlwind/Tornado Dance’.

U-KISS: The dance will look pretty if you can do the wave well. You need to turn your head around, and your vision’s line and body will be turning around too, basically you just need to keep turning round and round. Haha.

Reporter: If that’s the case, don’t you guys feel dizzy when performing on stage?

U-KISS: Yes, even though we’ve just turning around in a small circle, we’re still couldn’t come back to our center point. And, it was really hard to practice the choreography after eating. It’s really dizzy since we need to practice the choreography lots of time.

Reporter: What is the direction of U-KISS’s future activities? What kind of image you guys want to show us…

U-KISS: Each of U-KISS members will be engaged in their own activities (aside from the album activities). We will be focusing on our domestic activities until April so you’ll be able to see us everywhere. Please anticipate our appearance a lot.

Source: Sports Donga + Nate

English translation: jaymie01@contiukiss+AAU [reshared]

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