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Kevin yg Terakhir Mandi setelah latihan????

U-KISS who recently made a comeback with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, has revealed the choreography while practicing for it for the first time.

On the MBC Every1 U-KISS’s Vampire filming, U-KISS was seen sweating as they were practicing the choreography at the practice room.

“We feel nervous the most when we were monitoring our practice together with our president through TV. There’s nowhere to hide if the president pointed a finger on us.”

On this episode, U-KISS members also revealed the presents that they received from the fans. Soohyun said “Seriously, I feel the fans’ love whenever I received letters from fans” while Dongho was simply answering “when receiving electronic products”.

U-KISS also revealed that the member that taking bath the least was Kevin. However Kevin reacted back by saying that the members didn’t have any proof of it. More, this episode will showed Eli imitating a pigeon, Soohyun with his abs etc.

This will be broadcast on February 12th at 10:00pm.


U-kiss yg baru baru ini kembali dgn lagu mreka “Bingeul-Bingeul” mengungkapkan tentang ketika pertama kali latihan untuk koreografi Bingeul-bingeul.

Pada saat syuting Ukiss Vampire MBC Every1,U-kiss terlihat berkeringat saat mereka berlatih koreografi Bingeul-bingeul di ruang latihan.

“Kami paling gugup saat mengamati hasil latihan kami bersama Pimpinan kami lewat TV.Tak ada yg bisa disembunyikan saat Pimpinan menunjuk ke arah kami.”

Pada episode ini,U-kiss juga bicara soal hadiah2 yg mereka terima dari fans.Soohyun bilang,”Sungguh,aku merasakan cinta para fans dimanapun aku menerima surat mereka”Sementara Dongho dengan gamblangnya menjawab,”apalagi Saat menerima barang2 elektronik”

U-kiss juga mengatakn bahwa orang yg terakhir mandi adalah Kevin.Lalu Kevin menjawab bahwa mereka tidak punya bukti soal itu.Lebih lagi,di episode ini akan ditunjukkan saat Eli menirukan Merpati,dll.

Acara ini akan disiarkan pada 12 Februari 2010 pukul 10 malam.

Newsen+English translation: Mimi(Contiukiss.wp)+AAU_BLOG (indo trans)


2 responses to “Kevin yg Terakhir Mandi setelah latihan????

  1. Erang 12 February 2010 at 14:25

    “More, this episode will showed Eli imitating a pigeon, Soohyun with his abs etc.”

    This will be broadcast on February 12th at 10:00pm.

    ack~! i’ll look forward to that~! XD
    Eli will imitate again a pigeon? awe~! i bet i’ll laugh out loud and fall deeper for him again at the same time~ XD
    ooh~! soo hyuns abs? hekhek~! :D♥

  2. yohana 12 February 2010 at 15:45

    yay ! i can’t wait 4 ukiis vampire with eng sub..

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