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U-kiss Dongho tired after Saipan Training Camp

U-KISS’s Dongho
confided about his
brutal training at
On the February 6th
broadcasting of KBS
2TV Invincible Baseball
Team, Dongho
participated on the
Saipan training camp
and felt like he has just
came out from hell on
the next day, and he
overslept after the
training had finished.
Dongho, who couldn’t
get up, was sitting on
his bed and
complained “So tired.
This is more tiring
than going to school.”
This year, Dongho will
be attending his 1st
year of high school.
On the Invincible
Baseball Team’s Saipan
training camp, the
players had to
challenge 90%
accuracy on the
defense training. All
players failed to meet
the target failed to hit
the 90% accuracy on
the the inner defense
training but Han Min
Gwan, Kim Jun, Lee
Haneul successfully
completed the task
on the outfield
defense training
(Marco, Oh Ji Ho, Mario,
Jo Bin, Kim Sungsu, Kim
Changryul & Dongho
failed on the outfield
defense training too).
Meanwhile on this
episode, Invincible
Baseball Team had
their first international
match against local
Saipan’s Baseball Team.
Kim Sunghwan
director joined in as a
special commentator.
Moreover, LG Twists
new manager Park
Jonghoon made a
special appearance to
give some advice to
the outfielders.
Source: Newsen
English translation:
jaymie01@ROCKETBOXX.NET+AAU-BLOG (re-post)


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