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[]]100203 Soohyun’s Message

Title: Hi-yeom

Finally it’s the album release!!!
Tomorrow is the MV release!!!!!!!!!!!
Please anticipate it alot~~~~
I love you~~ ^^

Title: Hi-yeom

Akhirnya album kami rilis!!!!

Besok waktunya MV rilis!!!!!!

Nantikan itu!!!

aku cinta kalian~~ ^^

Credits: U-KISS.CO.KR + canityoADORES@ ROCKETBOXX.NET+indo trans by ocha @AAU_BLOG


One response to “[]]100203 Soohyun’s Message

  1. ssstella501_kissme 7 February 2010 at 20:54

    sama2. nggak sabar ini megang albumnya .>_<.
    love u too soohyun. aiih~ jd malu XDD

    Gomawoo ^^

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