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[] 100203 kevin’s message n xander’s reply

Muncul pesan baru padahal mau off…. The english part is real from kevin and alexander…dah ada indonesianya so guys…lets read…
글쓴이 : 케빈     날짜 : 10-02-03 17:05     조회 : 31
ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 안녕하세요!!!

공홈 바뀐 다음에 처음으로 글 쓰네용~

공홈 완전 예뻐졌죠?!!! ㅎㅎㅎ

오늘 앨범 발매 됬어요!!! 짝짝짝~

노래 어때요?~ 대박?~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 노래 많이 받으시고 투표는 필수!!! 아시죠? ^^

그리고 인기가요 Take 7 투표 많이 해주세요!!!! 만만하니 처럼 Take 7 들어가야죠!!!

낼 뮤비 나오고 뮤뱅이 첫방이니까!!! 많이많이 와주셔서 응원 해주세요~~

그럼 안뇽!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Our homepage has changed! Cool huh?! hehe
Our album has been released today so please support us!!!!
Also don’t forget to vote for us on Take 7~
Gotta go practice now so talk to you later!!!

trans indo:

hey semuanya!!!

Homepage kami berubah!keren kan!!hehe

Album kami sudah rilis hari in jadi terus dukung kami!!!

dan jgn lupa vote kami di Take 7~

Harus latihan skrg jadi kita ngobrol lagi nanti!!!

Alexander reply :

알렉산더 (10-02-03 17:14)
야~ 케빈~
연습안하고 여기서 뭐하는거야!?!?!?
네! 여러분 많이 응원 하고요 투표도 많이많이 해주세요!!
잘 부탁드립니다!!^3^

Hiya everyone~!
My first time to our re-newed homepage too~ keke
Our FIRST freshly baked hot new album has finally been released!!! >v<
We really hope that all of you will like the songs in it including the lovely remixes~
Please continue to support us and vote for us too, OK???
Thank you~ ^3^
Look forward for our MV too!!!
It’s coming out SOON~~~
Have a nice day!!!^^

Trans indo:

Hiya semua~!

Pertama kalinya juga ngunjungin hompage baru  *baru berubah maksudnya*~ keke

Album pertama kami yg baru barusan aja rilis akhirnya >v<

Kami sangat berharap kalian semua akan suka lagunya termasuk yg di-remix~

Terus dukung kami dan vote kami juga ,OK? ? ?

Thank you~ >3<

Nantikan MV kami juga!!!

Akan segera keluar~~~

Semoga hari kalian indah~

credit : + indo trans by ocha @AAU_BLOG


2 responses to “[] 100203 kevin’s message n xander’s reply

  1. ssstella501_kissme 7 February 2010 at 20:48

    kekeke. icon c xander lucu bgd.
    itu yg joged2 XDD

    Gomawoo sunbae2 ^^

  2. kevin kocholoo 18 September 2010 at 01:00

    xander n kevin fighting,…..
    ”saba from iran”

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