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[INFO] 100127 U-Kiss’ Comeback

Notice on U-Kiss’ 1st full album comeback stage schedule.

Hello Kiss Me ^^
This is a notice regarding U-Kiss’ 1st full album comeback stage schedules.
You’ve been waiting for U-Kiss’ comeback stage, right?
Have you heard ‘Without You’ which was released online on the 27th?.
The new song ‘Without You’ is a joint composition by Brave Sound’s main producer Brave Brothers and Elephant King. It is included in the 1st full album as the 3rd track

5th Feb: Music Bank
6th Feb: Music Core
7th Feb: Inkigayo

They will hold a fansign at COEX mall on the 6th of February after Music Core.

I omitted the details that don’t involve us international fans (i.e. time & place to report for broadcastings)

FAQs about the album.

-So which is the title song?
It has yet to be announced, but we’re thinking it may be 빙글빙글 (Bingeul Bingeul) which holds various meanings, but it could mean spinning/twirling (like to music .__.) or a beaming face? Let’s wait for the announcement 🙂

-When will the MV be out?
As of yet, the MV has NOT been filmed. Filming will ensue on the 29th of January, as mentioned by Eli in today’s MDB HERE.

-Are we going to order the albums in bulk?
Ideally, yes. Please wait for the thread, we should be posting it up when the album surfaces on YesAsia. We will collect money and purchase the album together – to save on shipping. However, we need someone who is able to buy from YesAsia and we have not confirmed that, so… Hold on! XP


Catatan Jadwal panggung comeback U-Kiss 1st full Album

Hello Kiss Me ^^
Ini adlh pemberitahuan tentang jadwal panggung U-Kiss 1st full Album.
Kalian sudah menanti untuk U-Kiss ‘Comeback Stage’ ??
Pernahkah kalian mendengar ‘Without You’ yang dirilis online pada tanggal 27 ?
Lagu baru ‘Without You’ adalah gabungan komposisi oleh Brave Sound produsen utama Brave Brothers dan Elephant King. Hal ini termasuk dalam 1 album sebagai lagu ke-3

5th Feb: Music Bank
6th Feb: Music Core
7th Feb: Inkigayo

Mereka akan mengadakan COEX fansign di mall pada 6 februari setelah Music Core.

Saya menghilangkan detail yang tidak melibatkan kami, fans internasional (yaitu waktu & tempat untuk laporan broadcastings)

credit : + ukissme.SG + Vie @ AAU Blog (indo trans)


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  1. Candy 27 January 2010 at 22:01

    thx for sharing ^^

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