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[PICS] 100112 Kiseop Update


Vie is BACK again ^^… with a new post~ huhft~ mlm ini gk bsa tdr~ lgi byk beban pkiran bgt ><

akhir’a mmutuskan utk posting kmbli XDDD!! kli ini kiseop yak~.. ad 8 pic bru^^.. dia cantik+cakep bgt looh dsni~

pnasaran ??? lgsg ajh yah~ CEK IT OUT^^

credit : as tagged + ukissme.SG + Vie @ AAU Blog (RE-UPLOAD)


One response to “[PICS] 100112 Kiseop Update

  1. renizBLaQiss 14 January 2010 at 18:35

    ya ampun…
    bnr2 gnteng pisan mas Ung-Seopie ini >>__<<

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