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[VIDEO] 100101 -Friday Music Show- Dongho Cut

annyoung^^… wew!! brasa sepi yak ni blog XDDDD!! wahahahahaha~ sepi news”a mksd’a…. brhub pra admin + author byk yg hiatus ato semi hiatus~ jdi’a ni blog agk” sdkit gmnaaa geto XDDD
udh ahhhh~ lgsg ajh yah~

ni vie bwakan 2 video dr dongho~ dia nmenin MC sapaaa gt nm’a lupa ==”.. yg jlas ni MC mntan prsonel’a Sechs Kies!!! ^^…
okeh lgsg ajh yah~ maap gk bsa brbacot-ria… lgi kabisan kata” XDDD

credit : AMFandre1 @ + Vie @ AAU Blog (RE-UPLOAD)


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