The 1st Only U-kiss Fanblog in Indonesia

[] Kibum’s Message

Annyong! ^^ kale nie Alya bkalan ngasii message’a Kibum ^^ SO CEK IT OUT!!! ^^

Title :: 새해 복

Title :: Happy New Year *tw arti’a kan ^^*

많이 받으십삽시요옹

Please get lots (of love for the new year) *i think…? XD*

Silakan mendapatkan banyak (cinta utk tahun baru) *  kyk’a …? XD *

아직 이틀 남았네요..

There’s still 2 days left…

Tersisa 2 hari lagi….

뮤뱅때 만나요~

Till we meet on Music Bank

Sampai qta bertemu di Music Bank

Credits: (source) + ukissme.SG (eng trans) + Alya @ AAU blog (indo trans)


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