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[] Kevin’s Message

Annyong *lagi* ak bwain 2 message’a Kevin nieh… yg 1 versi Hangul yg versi 1’a lgi bahasa inggris… SO CEK IT OUT!!! ^^

1. Hangul vers.

Title :: Happy New Year~!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!! ^^

Happy new year!!!! ^^

올 한 해 마무리 잘하시구요~~~

All ended well this year~~~

Smua brakhir dgn baik thn ini~~~

올해 이루지 못한것들 2010년에 꼭 이루길 바래요~! ㅎㅎ

I hope that everything that couldn’t done this year can be achived in 2010~! hehe

Ak brharap smua yg tdk bisa dilakukan thn ini dpt dicapai di thn 2010~! hehe

다음해는 유키스의 해가 될거죠?! ^^

The next time U-Kiss does it, we can right?! ^^ *I think he means getting no.1* (tw arti’a kan ^^)

항상 건강하시고~ 내년에 봬요!!! ㅎㅎㅎ

Always be healthy~ See you next year!!! hehehe

Sehat selalu~ Sampai jumpa thn depan!!! hehehe


I LOVE YOU *i love you too oppa XDDD* (tw arti’a kan ^^)

p.s 1월 1일 뮤뱅있어요! 만만하니랑~ 잭스키스 선배님 노래 ‘폼생폼사’ 할거에요!! ^^

p.s. We’re going to be on Music Bank in 1st January! Man Man Ha Ni and~ We’ll be doing a cover of the Sechskies “Pom Saeng Pom Sa”!! ^^

p.s. Kami akan kmbali di Music Bank pada tgl 1 Januari! Man Man Ha Ni dan~ Kami akan melakukan (pemotretan) cover Sechskies “Pom Saeng Pom Sa” ^^

2. Inggris vers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!!!!!!

Wow~ it’s already 2010! Many great things happened to U-KISS this year and I hope it was a great year for you guys as well! Thank you for all of your great support throughout this whole year! Next year will be U-KISS’s year~ right?! hehe Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends~! And I hope you start the new year with a fresh heart and mind! I made my New Year’s resolution and I hope i’ll be able to accomplish them this year~ hahaha! Have you guys made your New Year’s resolution?! Fighting!!!! ^^ See you next year~!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Semua’a!!!!!!

Wow~ skarang sdh (thn) 2010! Banyak hal-hal hebat yg terjadi pada U-KISS thn ini and aku brharap ini jga thn yg hebat untuk kalian semua! Terima kasih utk dukungan besar sepanjang thn ini! Tahun depan akan menjadi tahun’a U-KISS kan?! hehe Nikmati liburan kalian bersama keluarga dan tman-tman~! And aku berharap kalian memulai thn baru dgn hati dan pikiran yg fresh! Aku membuat resolusi thn baru and brharap aku akan memenuhi’a thn ini~ hahaha! Pernahkah kalian membuat resolusi tahum baru?! Fighting!!!! ^^ Sampai jumpa tahun depan~!

Credit: (source) + ukissme.SG (eng trans) + Alya @ AAU blog (indo trans)


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