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U-kiss to Star in a New Reality Show

Sorry aku ga bisa trans sekarang karena buru2 banget….

U-kiss to Star in a New Reality Show
Now there hasn’t been any official news about it yet, but Eli revealed on this weeks Midday Break that they will be starting to film a new reality show soon. All the boys will be spending their Christmas day in an apartment filming.

Check out the transcript:

Eli: Yes Christmas the day after tomorrow. Everyone have a good Christmas.
Isak: You sound, you sound so sad.
Eli: We’re working.
Isak: Awww. Why are you working, where are you going?
Eli: We’re actually doing a new program.
Isak: Oh
Eli: Where all of our members go to an apartment, and we live there for about two days.
Isak: Two days?
Eli: Yes and they just shoot. It’s a reality show.
Isak: Ohhh
Eli: Yep so we’re starting that, that’s going to be fun.
Isak: Yeah. Okay so you’ll be working (Christmas) eve and day?
Eli: No day and the day after.
Isak: Ut oh, that’s so sad. You guys are going to be working on Christmas day.
Eli: It’s fine, it’ll be fun.

Isinya tentang u-kiss yg ikut reality show dan ni eli sendiri ug ngomong di MDB JUST CLICK GUYS


One response to “U-kiss to Star in a New Reality Show

  1. maricar 17 May 2010 at 22:05

    this is so nice. thanks 4 sharing. i cant wait the concert here in the philippines.

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