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[PICS] 091224 News Update Pictures

annyoung^^… wow.. udh jam 12 mlm pass nih… wktu’a MERRY CHRISMAST ALL ^^!!! I Hope U Always HAPPY EVERYDAY!!!!

okeh.. sbg hadiah natal… vie ksi pikU” trbaru’a U-Kiss nih…. tpi, maap bgt nih yah~ klu size’a kecil”… krna dpt’a LQ bgt!! nanti vie crikan yg HQ deh… okeh XDDDDD!!!

ni dia piku”a.. lmyan byk sih^^.. tpi, siap” ajh mnjerit, panik, puyeng, mimisan, ingusan, and bla bla blaaaaa~~


credit : UKISSIM + As Tagged + ROCKETBOXX.NET + Vie @ AAU Blog ( (RE-UPLOAD)


2 responses to “[PICS] 091224 News Update Pictures

  1. atashi7 25 December 2009 at 00:38

    lucuuu ❤

  2. ukeu 28 December 2009 at 13:58

    kyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kibum,,,kevin,,,eli lucu smua cinta deh gw ma kalian

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