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[Message + Vid] Dongho at 091218 & 091218 U-Kiss @ Music Bank

Title: 지금은…ㅋ
Now… ㅋ

지금은 저희 유키스 모두 샵에와서 메이크업과 머리를 하구있어요ㅎ
U-Kiss are all at the stylist’s doing our hair and make-up now ㅎ
U-Kiss semuanya sekarang sedang lakukan penata rambut dan make-up

몇시간뒤면 뮤직뱅크에 나올꺼예여ㅎ
In a few hours we will be appearing on Music Bank ㅎ
Dalam beberapa jam kami akan tampil di Music Bank

그리고 오늘은 만만하니 리믹스 버전이예요ㅎ
And today we will be doing the Man Man Ha Ni remix ㅎ
dan hari ini kami tampil dengan Man Man Ha Ni remix

많이 바뀐건없지만 이뿌게 봐주세요~
There’s not a huge difference but please look at us well~

Tidak ada perubahan yang sangat besar tapi, silahkan lihat penampilan kami dgn baik~

credit : + ukissme.SG (eng trans) + Vie @ AAU Blog ( (indo trans)


and… one more again~ 091218 U-Kiss @ Music Bank with Man Man Ha Ni REMIX XDDDDD!!


credit : HeroLove21 @ + Vie @ AAU Blog ( (RE-UPLOAD)


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