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[Message] Kibum at 091213

There were captures of a video uploaded online of U-Kiss. Basically, U-Kiss was in their manager in a house with a few teenage girls and they sang a birthday song for the girls. The Kiss Me were not happy with this video so Kibum wrote this message to explain what the video is about, asking the fans not to have any misunderstanding. We have not seen the said video.

안녕 키스미들..
Hi Kiss Me..

게시판을 보다가 아가들이 화내고 있어서 등장했어요~
I was looking at the notice board and saw that a few of you are angry so I’m here~

프리보드 게시판에 올라온 사진과 동영상~ ^^
The pictures and videos uploaded on the freeboard~ ^^

Talk to me 활동때 강릉에 스케줄을 하러갔어요~
This was after our schedule while promoting Talk to me~

다들 아시는 우리 매니저형 집이 강릉이여서
What you see is our manager’s house at Gangreung

스케쥴시간보다 조금 일찍 출발해서 매니저형 집에서 어머님도뵙고 동생분도뵙고
We were early for our schedule so we went to Manager hyung’s house and met his mother as well as his younger siblings

맛있는 밥도 먹고 쉬고있었답니다~
We ate a good meal and rested too~

그리고 저도 오래되어서 정확히 기억은 안나지만서도~ 두분이 오셨는데
And I can’t remember exactly when since it’s been a long time~ But the two girls came

조카분이였나? 그리고 매니저형 가족분께 레슨을 받는 친구가 놀러왔어요~
His nieces? And the friends who were taking lessons from Manager hyung’s family came to play too~

다들 이런저런 이야기 나누고 쉬다가 방에 피아노도 있길래 피아노도 치고 노래도 부르고
We chatted and rested as well as played the piano and sang together

같이 밥먹고 난후 생일이라고 했던가요? 그래서 노래도 불러줬던것으로 기억하네요~
After we ate together, we were told it was someone’s birthday? So I remember we sang them a song~

우린 매니저형 조카의 생일파티..라는곳에 간적 없어요..^^
Our manager’s niece’s birthday party.. Nothing else happened..^^

오해가 많은것 같은데 아직까지 어느 해명글도 올라오지 않아서 직접 올리게되네요 ^^
Seems like there has been lots of misunderstanding and no explanation so I decided to write this explanation ^^

우리 매니저형들은 그 누구보다 유키스의 건강을 먼저 챙겨주는 방향으로 스케줄을
Our managers who puts U-Kiss’ health before others when arranging our schedule

잡아주시구요 ~~ 우리 유키스는 키스미가 우선시 되지않는 스케줄이나 다른 행동들은
Get it ~~ U-Kiss’ priority is Kiss Me, not other schedules or other activities

하기 싫다고 직접 말씀드리고 하지 않습니다 ..^^
Please don’t say such hateful words ..^^

우린 능동형 그룹이니까요 ㅎ 기분 풀고 웃자..스마이일..~♡
We are an active group Let your hair down.. Smile..~♡
(Kibum is saying not to brood over the video & pictures)

사람 하는일이라는게 그래.. 다 부딪치고 화해하면서 가는거에요~
We were involved so.. I think it’s better to clear it all up~

자 서로 오해 끝
So let’s end all misunderstandings

그리고 사적인 장소에서 키스미에게 해주지 못하는 일들은 최대한 줄이고
And to the Kiss Me who were there, we were not able to perform at our maximum
키스미에게 다 해줄수 있도록 노력해볼께요
We will work harder for Kiss Me

Credits: + ukissme.SG (Translations) + Vie @ AAU Blog (


One response to “[Message] Kibum at 091213

  1. devi 14 December 2009 at 21:16

    WHAT ? a few girls with them ? ?
    huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! aku pengen liat videonya ! sayang banget ge hiatus mode on so kagak bisa mampir ke homepage or cyworld mereka TT.TT
    duh . . moga aja yang dibilang kibum oppa ntu beneran bahwa perempuan^ itu bukan siapa n ntu cuma b’day party biasa . . AMIN ! gean aku yakin u-kiss gag bakal ngelakuin hal yang aneh^ kok . . mereka udah cukup sibuk sama schedule mereka !

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