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[NEWS] Who is U-Kiss’ new ‘ul-zzang’ member, Lee Kiseop?

Annyeong^^!! Vie back again~ kali ini mw post ttg Lee Kiseop!! tp, mgkn sdh pda tw kan yah ??? hmm..sbner’a ni news udh agak lama TT^TT!! tpi, krna di AAU lom ada.. jdi, yaaah~ saia post ajh deh^^!! moga pda suka yah~ dozooooo~~


Who is U-Kiss’ new ‘ul-zzang’ member, Lee Kiseop?

*ul-zzang refers to a good looking person

Transforming from boys to men with their ‘Strong-guy dance’, U-Kiss has made their comeback. U-Kiss is joined with ‘ul-zzang’ Lee Ki Seop, becoming a 7-member group and has been experiencing increasing popularity with their title song ‘Am I that easy?’.

‘Winner Group’ with an average height of 180cm – U-Kiss’ secret weapon Lee Ki Seop. Who is this ‘ul-zzang’ who is said to look like Japanese singer Gackt?

― Height and Blood Type

▶ My height is 180cm. I seem taller on stage due to wearing walkers (boots). My blood type is A. (Member Alexander joked that “Kiseop is timid and cautious like a typical person with blood type A.”)

― Hobbies and Skills

▶ Kiseop’s hobbies are taking pictures and playing the piano. He enjoys taking pictures as well as having his picture taken. His skills include dancing, singing, and Taekwondo. He is a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo

― Having a lot of popularity as a ‘Bundang Ulzzang’.

▶ I’m not a ‘Bundang Ulzzang’ but a ‘Yatab Ulzzang’… My popularity is just…(He was very shy and did not complete his sentence.) – I AM TOTALLY NOT SURE ABOUT THE ULZZANG THING

― Ideal type

▶ I like the style of a small-faced girl with a pretty smile. Among entertainers, I like Goo Hyesun.

― Was is originally your dream to be a singer? How did you end up joining U-Kiss?

▶ My dream when I was young was to be a Talent (Entertainer). I took acting lessons and while I was modelling for a shopping mall run by a friend, I auditioned and got into U-Kiss.

― Was it difficult joining U-Kiss in the middle?

▶ I didn’t know anything about broadcasts and performances as it was my first time so it was difficult. But the other members have experience and helped me out so I adapted really quickly. (Member Soohyun very kindly gave him a lot of advice. -I’m not too sure about this translation!)

― Weren’t you nervous during your first stage?

▶ I was extremely nervous. I will work harder.

― Do you still get nervous these days?

▶ These days, more than feeling nervous, I find being on stage really fun. I feel excited and restless. It feels like I have gotten use to it.

― You seem less talkative than the other members.

▶ Haha (Kiseop laughed instead of answering the question but the other members revealed that Kiseop spaces out from time to time. However, during the photo-taking session after the interview, he made funny faces at the other members, giving off a feel of a 20 year old joker.)

U-Kiss released their single ‘Am I that easy?’ on the 9th of this month and have also begun their promotional activities. The title track ‘Am I that easy?’ is a mix of Gangster Hip-hop rhythms and Electronica genres with straightfoward lyrics and a great transformation of the members. The natural dance split according to the beat known as ‘Strong guy dance’ has attracted attention. ‘Am I that easy?’ is currently doing well on online charts.

Credits: Nate + ukissme.SG (translations) + (All About U-Kiss Blog’s)



sekian~ miane.. gak sempet trans ke indo TT^TT!! lgi dluar rumah… lgi ujian fisika~ jdi, otak vie lgi dpake bwat fisika dlu.. mumpung gak ad pengawas’a.. sempet”in ngepost lwat hapeee~ XDDD!! *ank bandel* XPPP gmawo ats perhatian’a….^^

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